History of the ensemble ŠAROVEC

Memoirs of Hluk´s elderly inhabitants date back to a year 1872, when ensemble-master Šrom returned from the army and then started to lead 8-member team of Hluk´s ensemble. Very soon the ensemble expanded to include more capable musicians, who gave a strong base for future Hluk´s music. Ensemble-master Šrom was after his death replaced by Jan Svadbík. However, it was not the only change made during that time – soon younger musicians, among others also Martin Svadbík, replaced the original ones too. One of Svadbík ´ s students was Tomáš Šimčík, who decided to set up his own music consisting just of youth. Till that time both ensembles had played only older songs and dances. However, young musicians felt the need to go with a spirit of the time, and so began to play songs of lighter genre and generally a mix of different songs.  With this genre, ensemble began to make trips to Luhačovice, Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Zlín etc.

At the same time Martin Šimčík returned from Brno orchestra. He immediately started to take a lead of Hluk´s musicians and after him there were other band-masters. In band´s history, there can be found names such as Jan Pravdík, Jan Krsička, Jan Machala, excellent trumpeter Stanislav Vavřínek or Jaroslav Hrabovský who was well-known for his organizational skills. Probably right thanks to Jaroslav Hrabovský the band started to be known also for German´s listeners. It should not be forgotten that most founding members were taught by Jan Krsička, who did not only create youth band, but he was one of founding members of Hluk´s festivals.

For today´s Šarovec image is highly responsible already mentioned Stanislav Vavařínek. In 1997Children´s house with support from Municipal office in Hluk set up children´s brass band Kosenka, which was led by Stanislav Vavřínek. In 2002 he decided to give space youth and the band is rejuvenated by musicians from Kosenka. 

History of name Šarovec

The first mention in band´s chronicle is dated to 1975 when František Kožík, the author of a book Na dolinách svítá, was asked if the band can use the main character´s name of heroic governor – Šarovec. As is documented, Kožík allowed it and later he described for the newspaper „Slovácká dechovka“ in 1997. He always tried to start each chapter of his book „Na dolinách svítá“ with a motive from Slovácká píseň. He also described how surprising to him the amount of poetry, wit and originality was found there.

Because the band needed a signature tune for the beginning of its programme, they again supplicated to Mr. Kožík. He created, in a cooperation with Blahoslav Smiškovský, polka, which became a jingle of Šarovec band. The song became so favourite that also other bands started to play this songs during their performances.


Contemporary Šarovec

What is the current state of Šarovec and what will be the future? In 2002 band-master Jan Šimčík was replaced by trombone player Josef Žajdlík, who became also an artistic leader of the band. Since 2013 has Šarovec been led by Michal Vacek.